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Dedicated pond service in Horsham

How can we help you?


For a quote, please call us on 01403 252 443 or 

07450 592 548.

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Full pond clean

If your pond needs a complete overhaul, we can offer a full clean.

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Pond care services

Our pond care services include, but are not limited to: 

  • Filtration System Installation - There are many different brands and types of pond filtration system on the market today. Let us help you find and install the right system to suit your pond and budget.

  • Health Checks - Sadly ponds can suffer with the loss of livestock. It's not always easy to understand the cause. We can help you in situations like this by finding the cause of the problem and resolving it swiftly to prevent any further loss of life, leaving your fish and you happy and stress free.

  • Pond Servicing - We find that the best way to keep your pond looking its best is to service the pond twice a year. Once in the spring and once in the autumn. Each visit would include a light vacuuming to remove leaves and fish waste from the bottom of the pond, a full filter clean and service and treatments applied to the water to ensure the water stays healthy.

This involves:

  • Removing the livestock from your pond and placing them in an oxygenated holding tank 

  • Draining your pond using a high power pump into a separate pool

  • Vacuuming out the sludge and grit that will have developed over time using specialist pond vacuums

  • Power washing the lining of your pond until clean

  • Pumping a percentage of the pond water from the holding tank back into the pond and topping it up with conditioned tap water

  • Finally re-introduce the livestock back to their clean home


1.  Before cleaning

2.  After draining

3.  After liner cleaning

4.  Clean pond

1.  Before cleaning

2.  During cleaning

3.  After cleaning

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